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Michael Darling

#1 Amazon bestselling author Michael Darling. There. Now go read. What? Very well. If you insist. Michael has worked as a butcher, a magician, and a librarian. Not all at the same time. He wrote his first story on a scrap of paper for his mother named Sandra. That previous sentence was constructed with a misplaced modifier on purpose. In part, because Michael sometimes teaches English to terrible middle-grade monsters but mostly because people reading this will wonder if the scrap of paper was named Sandra instead of his mother. The possibility of such a thing happening is the kind of world Michael likes to imagine. Humorous and unexpected and potentially frightening. Michael’s award-winning short stories are frequently anthologized and his first novel, Got Luck, hit #1 on Amazon. He continues to work on that series and other projects. Visit Michael at www.michaelcdarling.com and go read. Now.