The Hunger:
A Collection of Utah Horror


The Hunger will consume you.

They say some only hunger for food, while others only hunger for love. But have they ever encountered a different kind of hunger: the insatiable, unstoppable appetite for fear?

Feast upon 24 never-before-published stories and poems fresh from the darkest minds in Utah’s horror writing community. Sample the succulent flavors of dread and despair in these terrifying tales of ravenous zombies, piggish parasites, cannibalistic neighbors, and so much more.

When we crave the unnatural, there is no loyalty. There are no rules. There is only…

The Hunger

Not for the faint of heart, The Hunger: A Collection of Utah Horror is sure to satisfy your craving for something that will keep you up at night. Devour it… before it devours you.


Curated and edited by members of the Utah Chapter of the Horror Writers Association


Featuring flash & short fiction:

"The Food Chain" 
by Linda Aagard

"The Devouring Maw" 
by C.R. Langille

"Little Rabbit" 
by Joni B. Haws

by Betti Avari

"Looking for Love" 
by C.H. Lindsay

"The Pit and the Pendleton" 
by Jasmine Angell

"The Third Attempt"
by E. Ellis Allen

by Terri Baranowski

"A Little Night Visit" 
by Joshua P. Sorensen

"The Forgotten Twin" 
by Laurie Heath

by Jo Schneider

by Matthew Cornachione

"Truth or Dare" 
by Edward Matthews

"But What A Sheep" 
by A Lyn Bundy

by Joshua P. Sorensen

"The Hunger" 
by K. Scott Forman

"Audra's Confession" 
by Johnny Worthen

by Michael Darling



"Taken to Taking" 
by Frank Vazquez III

"Darkness Dwells" 
by Frank Vazquez III

"Monster’s Feast" 
by Joshua P. Sorensen

by Joshua P. Sorensen

by C. H. Lindsay

"The Clicker-Clack Man" 
by Jodi L. Milner