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The Hunger:
A Collection of Utah Horror

THE HUNGER features 24 never-before-published stories and poems fresh from the darkest minds in Utah's horror writing community. Not for the faint of heart, The Hunger: A Collection of Utah Horror is sure to satisfy your craving for something that will keep you up at night. Devour it... before it devours you.

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Superhero Syndrome

What would you do with superpowers? Tess has barely figured out how to use hers, but the people she loves are in danger. She'll need to team up with a masked vigilante called "The Fox" to rid her city of evil and kick some serious butt.

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Galtzagorriak and Other Creatures

In this unique collection, you can dive into Basque folklore with stories about love, loss, greed, and revenge. Meet creatures like the mischievous Galtzagorriak, the deadly Gaueko, the beautiful Lamiak, the legendary Erensuge, the wicked Sorginak, and more.

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