Twisted Tree
ARC Program

What's an "ARC"?

"ARC" stands for "Advanced Review Copy." ARCs are sent out weeks to months before the book's publication date, so reviewers (like you!) can read them and have the review ready to post on the day the book is released.

For the most part, ARCs are identical to the complete, finished product that goes out to bookstores. However, there may be some differences such as minor interior formatting issues and/or typos, as ARCs are typically distributed prior to final proofing.

What's the catch?

Short answer: there isn't one.

When you sign up for the Twisted Tree Press ARC program, we'll send you an email each time we have a new release ready for review. You'll opt-in to each individual release, with no obligation to read stories or novels that don't interest you. When you opt in for a release, you'll get an ebook in your choice of format.

Do I have to leave a positive review?

Absolutely not. While we take great effort during our acquisitions and editing processes to only bring you well-written, awesome stories, we recognize that not every reader is going to love every book they pick up. All we ask is that you leave an honest review, one that will help other readers decide if they want to invest their time and money in that story.

Ready to sign up?